Monday, September 25, 2017

Fall Book Events

From Massachusetts to Montana —this is where you'll find me over the next few months. I'm excited to get out there and spend some time with my readers!

September 26
Worcester, MA — Worcester Public Library
3:30-4:30 pm

October 1

Columbus, OH — Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

October 5
Plainville, MA — An Unlikely Story
7:00 pm
An event for educators with Jeff Kinney, Jon Scieszka, Jack Gantos, Gene Luen Yang, and Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Moderated by Maria Salvadore.

October 19-20

Farmville, VA — Virginia Children's Book Festival

November 4

Bozeman, MT — Children's Festival of the Book

November 10
Osage Beach, MO — Missouri Early Learning Conference
This event is geared towards educators and requires registration.

November 12
Northampton, MA — R. Michelson Galleries Annual Illustration Show
4:00-6:00 pm

Monday, July 17, 2017

School's Out!

Rolling up to pick up the kids on the last day of school like....
🎶School's Out for Summer

Awesome People and Awesome Places!

I received one of the annual Trustees Awards at Forbes Library, here in Northampton, for my mural in the children's department. I was trying to fly under the radar about it, but then a bunch of my author pals showed up to cheer me on. I only mention it here so that you can know how awesome and wonderful my friends are. And they turned up not knowing I'd mention them in my presentation! The ceremony was in the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library, which is located on the top floor of the Forbes.

When you run into one of your kids' best pals at the airport and you have a suitcase filled with the yet-to-be-published Jedi Academy, this happens. This Star-Wars-obsessed kiddo got a last-minute carry-on item, making him the first non-Krosoczka kid to get a copy.

And sometimes, you go to a Green Day concert, you help this kid get on stage, he plays guitar with Billie Joe Armstrong, absolutely kills it, Billie Joe gives the kid the guitar, that video goes crazy viral and then you end up being the visiting author at that kid's school. 
Apparently, Grant went around school referring to me as "my boy Jarrett." How cool is this kid? Anyhow, I chose him as one of the volunteers to play the scribble game. I gave him the marker after the set...

‪What an awesome day at A2CAF!

Fan Mail

Catching up on fan mail. 
‪I might not be able to reply to every post, but I do reply to every letter that young readers send me. (I even include a bookmark.)‬


‪Beachgoers. ‬

That beautiful architecture of downtown Northampton, MA...

We found a dragon in the storm clouds.

It's Ben Hatke!

How much fun it was to spend the weekend with Ben Hatke and watch our daughters become friends. ‬If your kids haven't read the Zita the Spacegirl or the Mighty Jack graphic novels yet...get to your local library (or bookstore) ASAP!

Scholastic Reading Summit

A HUGE thank you to everyone who was there at the Scholastic Reading Summit in Houston! So nice to see old friends & make new ones. What an incredible day!

Monday, June 12, 2017


‪An impromptu coffee with Lisa Yee. We drew each other. ‬

My little girl, her new haircut and Wonder Woman Legos on a Sunday morning.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Awesome Artwork!

Check out this awesome robot that a student drew based on the cover of Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute!

Two Sleepy Pugs

Pugs sleeping on couches.

Comics Squad: Detention! Trailer

Here it is! The book trailer for COMICS SQUAD: DETENTION! On bookshelves everywhere on July 4th!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival

I designed the poster for the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival! (My kiddos drew the flowers.) This is a great, FREE comics fest for young comics creators and readers. Perhaps we'll see you in June?

I mean, holy moly, check out this lineup!

Different Kinds of Intelligence

During Q&A at a school visit, a student asked me if I was smart when I was a kid.
This question took me back some because I wondered where this might be coming from for this child. I've also never been asked this particular question before.
This is how I answered. I told him that everyone has intelligence and that there are different kinds of intelligence. Some people are really smart when it comes to science, some people are really smart when it comes to athleticism, some people are really smart when it comes to understanding behaviors and relationships. When I was a kid, I had artistic intelligence, but mathematics never came easily to me.
I hope that my answer helped this student recognize the intelligence within him.


This is what love looks like to an author. ‬

Monday, May 15, 2017

Questions from Readers

KID AT SCHOOL VISIT: Who controls the rights to a character after the author dies?
ME: *slowly backs out of room, maintaining eye contact*


KID AT LIBRARY: You said you'll be making books forever, so will you be writing books when you're in your grave?
ME: Hopefully I'll have enough in-progress work to be published posthumously.

KID: How old are you?
ME: I'm so old that when I was your age, it was the late 1900s.
KID: Then how are you still alive?

Seneca Falls Public Library

‪Thank you to this fine-looking crew who filled the Seneca Falls Public Library. A special shout to the family who drove three hours to see me. I'm honored‪!

School Lunch Hero Day 2017!

I had a GREAT time celebrating School Lunch Hero Day in Dorchester, MA, at Trotter School! I used to live just around the corner back when I started writing the Lunch Lady series. 

The students made incredible projects for their Lunch Mothers, as they are called at the school. All of the poems and letters were read aloud by the kids in both English and Spanish—it brought people to tears. 

I hope that you all enjoyed whooping it up at your school's cafeteria. Wherever you celebrated, we'll do it again on May 4, 2018!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Naptastrophe! giveaway!

My latest picture book is here! Please read Naptastophe! to any kid who doesn't like to nap. This story is based loosely on real events with my own daughter...except we aren't rabbits. Whenever my little girl refused a nap, I would proclaim, "This is a total naptastrophe!" Because then we would run errands, and things always went awry with so much overstimulation at every turn.

“Parents and children will recognize themselves and their own frustrations.” —School Library Journal

I hope that caregivers and children will enjoy reading this book and laughing together! Amazon just selected Naptastrophe! as one of their Best Books of the Month for baby- Age 2.

I'll be giving away some sets of picture books and some original artwork. Please see below to learn how you can win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Interviewing Jeff Kinney at Carnegie Hall!

If you'd like to watch two knuckleheads banter back and forth, talk cartoons and draw, this is your video:

Jeff Kinney outlines his speeches with cartoons to help prompt topics. This is our script from today's event. Can you tell which part was about Lunch Lady?

And here is a closer look at that painting that I made for Jeff to celebrate ten years of Wimpy Kid!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Punk Farm Nursery!

The greatest thing about being a published author over these past several years? Seeing my readers grow up. That ten-year-old girl on the left? She had a nursery themed after Punk Farm when she was a baby. (Yes, THAT Punk Farm nursery!) At the LA Times Festival of Books today, she brought a Platypus Police Squad book to be signed and her brother had a Jedi Academy book. It is always so nice to see the Sabi family, no matter what city they catch me in!

And for cultural reference, here is my blog post about seeing the Punk Farm nursery via MySpace:

LA Times Festival of Books

I was only in Los Angeles for a few hours for the LA Times Festival Of Books, but I managed to cram in some time with several author pals. How many of their books have you read?

James Burks, A.S. King and I defaced our author photos at the Once Upon A Time bookstore booth. 

With Cecil Castellucci, Ben Acker and Ben Blacker at the Star Wars panel! 

Salina Yoon signed a book for my kiddos!

Mr. Matt Phelan!


Jacqueline Woodson!

Fancy (Nancy) Robin Preiss Glasser! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Wonderful School Visits

It's not every day that I get to speak to students in grades Kindergarten all the way through twelve. But man, I love these kinds of days! Thank you North Manchester, Indiana, for a great visit.

My visit to Pierceton Elementary was like walking into a real-life Pinterest board! So many creative little details. Thank you to the library and media team in the Learning Commons for making this happen!
Sharing these photos with a disclaimer:
Now remember, if you are hosting an author visit, all that is ever hoped for is ENTHUSIASM—so don't start sweating it if you're thinking you need to come up with such a display.